After some holiday blog surfing, I realized that unlike most blogs, I have no purpose. To the blog that is. Since some topical focus would mostly likely only decrease my posting frequency and devolve back into my random rantings and life stories after, oh let’s say 2 weeks, I’ve tried to give the blog a more purposeful appearance instead. (also, hoping that by featuring recent comments boldly on the main page, some of you will upload actual pics of yourself as your avatar (instead of using the default flourescent Rorschach blobs)). Let me know what you think about the blog’s appearance/ functionality generally, especially the use of tags.

For those of you that frequent the photos and out and about page, I’m interested in feedback as to the interplay of the two pages and whether galleries (smaller scale, grouped photos so that you don’t have to scroll down) or slideshows (you know the deal, press play and photos rotate automatically) would be a better format to display photos? The two types pages were originally designed to tell our stories (out and about) and display our photography (photos) as we wander this great continent, but there’s a bit of overlap (which I’ve tried, in part, to manage through a summary posting. See, for example, this post).