On Monday, we went shopping for a new bed. We’ve had the one we have now since before we were a “we” and I’ve been complaining about it for about 3 years now. Each time we move we say “you know, we should get a new bed” and each time the moving budget is all used up by the time we get around to it.

Well, not this time! We are for real getting a new one as a belated Christmas present for ourselves and for our impending visitors in 2011. (that’s right, Merry Christmas Leah. I would save the white couch so we could do a ritualistic burning in May, but we don’t have anywhere to keep it.) Here’s the thing about mattress shopping: you can instantly tell what mattresses just don’t work (too soft or too hard), 10 minutes later you can’t really remember the difference between the Sleepmaster 1000, the Dream Weaver or the Postureperfect (all of which seemed like THE one 10 minutes prior), and sleeping on your old crappy mattress will never feel so terrible as the night after said shopping excursion when the memory of the Sleepmaster 1000 (or was it the Foaminator?) is still in your head.