Well, you can see how much Bentley loves Australia…

I just wish it felt the same about him.  We are in the midst of planning a last-minute Christmas vacation.  It sorta snuck up on us… November was here and gone in a flash, and then we found out I have a 4 day weekend and Steve has a full week of what the employees fondly call “forced leave” and the employers call a “closed office.”  Setting out to get somewhere near the beach (with plenty of coastline to be had around here) and to bring our little sausage dog with us, we thought we’d have no problem finding a booking for 2.

Little did we know, Australia hates dogs.  Seriously.  Notwithstanding the fact that one lone pet friendly website asserts that there are actually more pets than persons on this great continent, pooches are banned from virtually every state park and coastal/beach areas. 

See sign, from a park in S. Yarra.  What is a large expanse of green fields good for in an urban metropolis, if not for dog-walking?  Apparently, they think protection of furry animals like kangaroos and koalas is more important than allowing  furry kids to explore Victoria with their parents.  There’s actually a publication put out by the state of Victoria on where you can take your dog in VIC.  Short answer, 3 pages later:  there’s a few kilometers here and there, so goodonya if you manage to live near one… Aussies also apparently book their Christmas holidays months in advance (and I mean, like in March of the previous year), so when you throw the dog into the mix there are slim pickings.  Undeterred, we are on a mission.  The thought of sunset filled evenings with toes in the sand has invaded my subconscious, and I’m not letting go of the dream.  Stay tuned.