As the end of the year approaches, Greg, having just discovered he receives a yearly allotment of S&C funds for junior associate “development”, generously offered to take us out  for an amazing afternoon lunch at a vineyard, the Vines.  So, on Sunday morning Greg, Adrianna, Krisztian, Steve and I set out for the south east coast, an hour and a half south of the CBD in Melbourne, to the Mornington Peninsula. 

The main event was a bit disappointing.  Vines of Red Hill boasts all farm fresh organic food raised on French Island (a virtual nature preserve just off the coast) selected seasonally and daily to create a perfect dining experience.  Although my food was great (for entree, a spin on eggs benedict (duck egg, prosciutto and brioche) with Kurasodoi beef topped with pate for a main, accompanied by a robust, complex pinot noir, and tart cherry soup and fig gratin for dessert, with cappuccino (served with a coconut merengue)), not everyone was so lucky.  Steve and Greg had large chunks of fat with a few strings of beef in there somewhere for mains, and though almost everyone got the eggs benedict for an entree, not everyone was a fan of the spicy Hollandaise spiked with curry.  Service was slow, and apologies were not forthcoming for the lousy meat.  Sorry Vines, I thoroughly wanted to write a raving review to post on “eats”, but no can do.

But, our backup plan to see a bit more of the peninsula before heading back to the city was a spectacular success.  Unfilfilled by our meal, we headed to Cape Schanck, the southern-most tip of the peninsula.  Extremely windy, with extremely beautiful sweeping vistas of the coast and cliff-crashing waves, I was quite pleased with how the afternoon turned out.  More pictures on the out and about page.