1) I just had one of the most interesting and enjoyable conversations in weeks with the cabbie on my 25 min ride to the airport, and realized I NEED FRIENDS! (besides talking to Steve of course)

2) Common language and heritage aside, this American girl sticks out like a sore thumb. I had three people today actually use the phrase “you’re a long way from home!” to me. I’m not exaggerating, 3 different people. The guy at the gate added for emphasis, “I mean a LONG way…” Of course, they’re a bit different in Western Australia, so I seem even more different.

3) This really is America (with different accents and sport predilections) in the 1950s. Have flown now from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in less than 1 weeks time, I’ve been asked for ID….. ZERO times. Seriously, not once. (though I was randomly screened for bomb residue twice).

4) I really am a long way from home. And I miss my family! It’s easy to talk yourself into rationalizations about phone and internet chats, it’s hard to miss Elenor being passed around the table with the turkey for the first time.