So I’ve taken to waking up at 7am lately. No, S&C Melbourne doesn’t operate in some strange alternate universe where corporate attorneys are required to be at the office before 10. But Steve’s new job has him up by 7am and in a suit and out the door by 7:45. That is an adjustment for him for sure!

Our new pad has the acoustics of an opera house. Great if you like being serenaded by your wife’s singing in the shower from the downstairs kitchen. Not so great when you’ve worked til 1am the night before and your husband’s light footfall downstairs to make coffee sounds like an elephant stampeding through the bedroom. Seriously, the acoustics are that great that I’ve definitely decided to get a keyboard (and figure out the whole U.S. / Australian power cord thing later) just to capitalize on the great sound quality

But, ever one to make lemonade, I’ve found that some extra time in the morning not spent in a coma can be enjoyable, and even productive. Last week, I did yoga for 30 mins and made myself a poached egg and roasted tomato breakfast, and was still in the office before 9:30 and the other associates. Tuesday I talked with mom on her day off for over an hour and threw together a pair of earrings to match my outfit for the day. And today, I caught the tram just a bit down Bridge Road (past the hustle and bustle) and got off at the Jolimont station and had a nice little peaceful walk through Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens.

I could (maybe) get used to this whole regime…