ahh, to breathe the sweet smell of spring… 

Spring has finally sprung in Melbourne, and it was a beaut of a weekend.  Sunny, bright blue skies, warm (nearly blistering sun), crisp but sweet breeze, ripe with the smell of pear and cherry blossoms.  We had planned a Sunday afternoon excursion to the Yarra Valley, but after a series of mishaps we opted to stay in Melbourne for the afternoon and spend a lazy afternoon relaxing on the banks of the Yarra River. 

 After a leisurely and late breakfast at Picnic, we strolled up to the river and towards the CBD, plopping ourselves on a particularly sunny knoll with views of the CBD in the near distance to the left and soft reflective waves of the river in front of us.  It was the perfect day for reading, gazing, reflecting, talking and general relaxation.  After some time in the sun, we wandered down into the CBD to grab a snag (sausage) and a beer under the Flinders St. bridge, and sit back on the banks and enjoy a nibble.

 Then, it was back across the river to the southside to find a spot of shade in the Royal Botanical Gardens.  We flipped our books back open, and resumed our leisurely laziness. 

Utter and total perfection for a Sunday afternoon in every way.