OK, so Steve is going to kill me if I don’t cease my indecisive ways and just settle on an apartment… especially since our stuff arrived in Melbourne today and is hopefully speeding its way through customs and back into our welcoming arms (and we’ll need a place to put it all since our 600sqm temporary apartment sure isn’t going to cut it).

So, calling anyone who’s actually listening and reading this thing…. what should we do?

(1) expensive place in beach town (St. Kilda) that’s brand new (++); 3 storey tall and skinny (neutral); has wall-to-wall windows in the living room and master bedroom (+) that looks out over a crummy brick apartment building with laundry and other accoutrements hanging from the rusted balconies (double -); price: expensive.  commute: 30-40 mins to CBD

(2) expensive place in quirky, inner suburb Richmond that’s two-story, open and cohesive (+), older (-), has a private terrace, complete with “plunge pool” (jacuzzi), and upper “breakfast” balcony  (++), quiet but only a block off, and centrally located to, the main strip in the neighborhood, and less than 2 blocks from a butcher shop, the famous Richmond larder (++), and a bi-weekly farmer’s market (+).  price: so far, most expensive option.  commute: 15-20 mins, and two tram line options into the CBD.

(3) two potential expensive places in South Yarra (house on the edge of Faulkner Park) and Prahan (house just off Malvern/Commercial), yuppie town on the “right side” (South side) of the river, where there’s a healthy dose of clothing options for 60-year-old females and pregnant ladies (-), a number of markets, including the famous Prahan which is open every weekend and some days during the week (+), Faulkner Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens nearby (+) and less than a 15 minute walk from the river banks for those sunny Sunday afternoons.  price: expensive and more expensive.  commute: 20-25 mins.

clock is ticking… so help a girl out!